Multichannel vs. Omnichannel: Which is better?

What is omnichannel retail?

With the recent omnichannel retail trends, you may have discovered many posts about omnichannel definitions. What does omnichannel mean exactly? Multi-channel vs. omnichannel: what's the difference? What is the real process of omnichannel retailing? Are you sure you understand it? Our blog explains the definition of omnichannel retail and how retail trends have changed over the decades.

To provide seamless shopping experiences to customers, omnichannel retail integrates all existing channels. As a result of centralized data management, omnichannel retail blurs the distinction between physical and online channels.

Therefore, customers can use different channels simultaneously during their shopping process, starting their search in one channel and completing the purchase in another. In the 21st century, consumers have the chance to create shopping routines that are more appealing to them.

A unique aspect of omnichannel retail is that it can be applied simultaneously to sales channels, inventory management, and marketing.


Multichannel vs. Omnichannel: Which is better?

Some believe omnichannel and multi-channel are the same, but the two systems are very different. Retailers use multi-channels to access as many channels as possible while managing them separately.

Omnichannel works to provide businesses a centralised data management by synchronising existing channels regardless of their separate or shared inventory allocations.

As a result, omnichannel retailing provides a seamless shopping experience to the shoppers while dissolving the differences within channels.

Whereas multichannel strategy works in the favour of retailers for them to be able to sell maximum products in their line. Instead, omnichannel retail is customer-centric.

To bring the best customer experience, retailers must think like customers. Omnichannel retail not only targets sales growth but also ensures a long-term customer lifecycle which enables better customer service.


Clearly, we are a generation of omnichannel retail culture of omni shoppers & omni retailers.