Multichannel vs. Omnichannel: Which is better?

What is omnichannel retail?

With the recent omnichannel retail trends, you may have discovered many posts about omnichannel definitions. What does omnichannel mean exactly? Multi-channel vs. omnichannel: what’s the difference? What is the real process of omnichannel retailing? Are you sure you understand it? Our blog explains the definition of omnichannel retail and how retail trends have changed over the decades.

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Carbon Neutrality: Key to decarbonisation

COP26 served as a reminder of the uphill battle to meet the world’s decarbonization commitments by 2050. A sustainable climate solution requires the participation of every industry, which means every industry must mobilize. Despite its late arrival, the retail sector is on its way to catching up. There were only a few major retailers with science-based carbon reduction targets in 2016. Within five years, more than 65 global retailers set such targets, and the number is growing steadily.

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