Integration Architecture Roadmap

Customer Success Story Mulberry


Mulberry is a luxury fashion brand with physical stores and online presence. They didn’t have an enterprise integration platform which resulted in a lack of standard data format, no single source of truth for various business-critical entities like Stock, Item, Order, etc. This further resulted in undermining OMNI Channel abilities and hurting sales, and hence business productivity.


The Approach:

AsboluteLabs collaborated with Mulberry to provide Integration Architecture thought leadership to establish an enterprise integration platform. We helped set-up the Integration roadmap & identified the enterprise architecture catalogue. We provided the API Roadmap, identified key projects and helped set up the transition, and end-state state solution architecture.

The Value:

Mulberry was able to prioritise business projects and technical enablers which enabled the organisation achieve the full potential of an end-to-end integration solution. They were able to adhere to architecture standards; setup governance framework for identifying a single source of truth and were able to reap the full potential of OMNI channel abilities and hence reduce business inefficiencies.