Supply chain trends for 2024 – Our Key Takeaways 

Supply chain trends in 2024 🛍️ are vital to know for retail decision makers.

This survey by ASC and Sapio Research reveals three key trends for the upcoming year.

Here are our takeaways ⏩

1. Nominated Carrier Schemes (NCS)

Implementing an NCS combats the challenges of working with multiple suppliers in omni-channel retail. To do so effectively, retailers need to assess their supplier base, IT systems, and transport management capabilities.

2. Reducing Mileage

The European Green Deal and the EU’s circular action plan have driven retailers to prioritize sustainability. Retailers can respond by optimizing their data, identifying efficient transportation routes, and consolidating shipments.

3. The recurring trends of returns

Recent retail trends focus on customer-friendly returns, aiming to boost sales during uncertainty. Data-driven return systems that utilize analytics and machine learning, should be used to categorize and assess returns for optimal disposition (e.g., resale, refurbishment, or recycling).

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