3 key takeaways from Salesforce’s #WorldTourLondon

The Salesforce World Tour event acted as a guiding force that illuminated AI and its potential to transform the way we interact with services and technology.

With a packed agenda, we gathered valuable insights from the sessions.

Here are three key lessons from the event:

  • AI is changing customer experience and connectivity: Customer Experience of an organisation is usually broken and fragmented often due to legacy platforms and data architecture inside the organisation. Now, there is 27% reduction in support costs from leveraging AI. With Einstein GPT – Segment Builder –natural language prompt helps streamline customer segmentation and interactions. 
  • Businesses need to be prepared to enable AI: Companies need to assess how they accelerate their customer 360 strategy and build solutions in Salesforce that stick. Here’s how: 
    – Audit data 
    – Ensure business processes are in order  
    – Clean organisation (think people, process, technology) 
    – Streamline processes and then utilise AI  
    – Focus on core principles  
  • Language and trust are a major concern: Salesforce has found that 59% of customers lack trust in businesses with their data. Whether customers fear how it is being managed, or if it is tampered with by an external party. In the case of generative AI and language models, there is also a major concern with communication ethics between the technology and customers. To combat this, salesforce has enabled a Trust Layer where a response is generated and tested for toxicity and bias, so language does not pass through to end users without being screened.

Salesforce World Tour has brought on an abundance of insights to take away and they have shown how AI is expanding products across the board. We have seen that within a couple of clicks, businesses can connect and streamline data and systems in ways that were simply not possible before. The key question now is– are they ready? 

Absolute Labs partnership with Salesforce enables businesses to establish a technical setup and an understanding of Salesforce cloud integrations, and Salesforce best practices. With our retail experts, we work across Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud to seamlessly integrate and scale. Our Salesforce consultants provide end-to-end thought leadership throughout the implementation, helping businesses understand the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of digital transformation.  

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