AbsoluteLabs has partnered with EON, retail’s leading Digital ID platform

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, AbsoluteLabs and EON have joined forces to make product data management easy for retail brands.

With our innovative solutions and vision for sustainability and customer-centricity, this partnership is set to redefine the way customers buy, sell, own and interact with products. By integrating with the EON’s software platform,  and using the expertise of AbsoluteLabs, brands and retailers can navigate the complex world of product data management easily. From traceability to circular economy practices, this collaboration empowers businesses to innovate and create a better future for the retail industry.

EON is the leader in enterprise Digital ID technology, enabling global retail brands to trace their products end-to-end, continuously engage customers, and increase the lifetime value of their products. The EON platform creates a single source of truth for the full product lifecycle and provides pre-built connections to leading retail business partners across the value chain. EON is an external expert stakeholder to CIRPASS – a consortium of 30 industry partners laying the groundwork for the EU’s Digital Product Passport legislation.

Leveraging our expertise in fashion retail, we consistently guide luxury brands as a trusted advisor and partner in driving digital transformation. We encourage forward-thinking companies to break free from slow and traditional tech processes and adopt solutions that can evolve and scale with them. With a deep understanding of technology and retail, AbsoluteLabs helps brands become more digitally agile by navigating shifting customer shopping behaviours and emerging retail technologies.

Our Senior Consultant, Davide Anzelmo explains more on the partnership:

“EON enhances the relationship between brand, customer and product.  AbsoluteLabs enhances the relationship between businesses and their technologies. With Digital ID, customers now can trace from raw materials to customer use a fun and interactive way. With our new partnership, businesses can onboard and scale this technology quickly to give customers intimate insight and knowledge into product development, from the conception to the creation, meaning they can be enabled to make informed decisions about their purchases, and pieces can be treasured for years to come.” 

By partnering with EON, we’ve changed the way businesses can onboard their solution, and accelerated a data management process which can be time-consuming and complex. We’ve also outlined the key benefits of our collaboration:

1. Streamlined Data Integration: AbsoluteLabs’ scalable integrations optimise data aggregation and management, facilitating efficient multi-integration strategies with EON Product Cloud.

2. Faster Product Development: The partnership enables rapid data mapping and pipeline development, accelerating the creation of digitised products at scale.

 3. Enhanced Efficiency and Scalability: This collaboration reduces time-to-value, enhancing overall operational efficiency and scalability for EON.

The partnership between AbsoluteLabs and EON marks a significant stride in enabling the retail technology landscape. By combining our retail technology expertise with EON’s product digitization capabilities, our collaboration aims to redefine how fashion brands and retailers engage with consumers while fostering a sustainable circular economy.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of absolute transformation, where every product’s journey is traced with precision, sustainability reigns supreme, and retailers shape the circular economy of tomorrow. Welcome to the future of retail, where products’ Digital IDs become the pathway to success.

Dive into the future of retail with AbsoluteLabs & EON. For more info, email us at [email protected] Transform your journey now!